Art Inquiry

Interested in Michiyo's paintings?

Do you admire Michiyo's style and vision but struggle to find any pieces for sale that resonate with you?

Her newer paintings tend to sell quickly, and each piece requires a significant amount of time to create.

If you're interested in acquiring her work, she will prioritize creating a painting for you.

How Exclusive Pre-Order works

I have many photos that I've taken, edited, adjusted, and prepared for painting! After receiving your requests, I'll send you a few options that you might like for you to select from.

I'll adjust the size and color accordingly and decide on the best approach for the image as per your preferences.

After we agree, I'll ask for 50% payment to start the work. I can give progress updates if you want. I usually ask at least one month to complete the pointing.

Please fill out the form below to begin the Exclusive Selection Work process!

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